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Xbox’s Push towards Netflix Style of Gaming

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Xbox’s Push towards Netflix Style of Gaming

Microsoft Xbox One gaming console may not be the most prestigious or the most recent gaming console, but it is by far the most ambitious. It looks to bring the future to the gamers and have unveiled several services that they would find amazing.
It all started when Xbox launched a program that allows gamers to preview and purchase games that are still in development. Let us not forget that Xbox has one of the most powerful graphics and can power 4K and HDR gaming natively.

About subscription gaming
As if the features that the console already have are not enough, Microsoft recently released a statement indicating that it is planning to adopt a Netflix style of gaming. This means that gamers will have an option of playing their favorite games basing on their subscriptions.

To start the project, Xbox will start with the game “sea of thieves” that will be published on March 20 and will be available to users on the same day. The development is exciting to gamers because normally they would have to purchase it for around $60. However, with the new game subscription services that Microsoft is offering, you can have monthly subscriptions for as low as $10.

Even though this is a let off for some gamers who may not be willing to purchase the games, Microsoft risks cannibalizing its retail sales with this initiation. In addition to that, most of the consoles’ games are expensive to create so the game owners expect to make more money immediately they release the games to the market. This provides a challenge to the Microsoft’s idea.

To wrap up…
There is no doubt that Microsoft Xbox is one of the most ambitious gaming consoles. Recently, the Company released a statement stating that they want to adopt a Netflix style of gaming. This is a good thing for gamers, but for the Microsoft Company, it risks having a reduction of its products sales. Whether it will be a success or not only time will tell.


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