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Our review of the biggest questions from Star Wars ‘The Rise of Skywalker

rise of the skywalker


Though critics have been labelled against this last episode of the fantastic Star Wars trichology, some are still contented with its ending. When the name appeared for the first having Skywalker, it did not seem to make any sense since Mark Hamill who is Luke Skywalker had died in the earlier film released.

However, you will come to learn that this new release refers to someone else as the Skywalker who is Rey and not Luke as many wondered. Rey is branded the Skywalker to signify that she is now on the positive and light side. She has decided to forego the dark and dull part of her that is in her.

We learn about her dark side the moment she knew that her grandfather is Emperor Palpatine. At the very end of the movie, they meet in a vigorous confrontation where she fights him with Leia and Luke’s lightsabres. She shows the right and bright side of the Jedi in conquering Palpatine during this fight. Some of the critical questions asked, however, are who this Skywalker that is being featured is? Does it make sense, knowing that Skywalker died in the previous film?

“you will come to learn that this new release refers to someone else as the Skywalker who is Rey and not Luke as many wondered.”

Luckily, Kylo Ren has now crossed over to the good side. That is after Rey stabbed him using the lightsabre and then heals him later. Kylo resurrects and treats Rey even though the process takes away some of his powers. The incident is similar to another occurrence earlier on in the movie where Kylo’s mother Leia uses her remaining energy to get to Kylo one final wars rise of the skywalker

Rey pays her last respect to Leia and Luke after defeating Palpatine. She buries their lightsabres on Tatooine, which is Luke’s home. Rey then goes ahead and brandish her lightsabre yellow gold. Creating your lightsabre according to the previous star war films is usually a rite of passage. That technically meant that Rey is now a true Jedi and she is entirely with the Force.

Rey meets with an elderly woman at the end who asks her name, and she replies “Rey Skywalker.” That is the final indication that she has finally crossed over to the right side and also fashionably concluding the Star Wars trilogy.

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